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Disney Universe Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Disney Universe on Xbox 360

Game: Disney Universe
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Developer: Disney Interactive Studios
Genre: Action Adventure
Game Description: Disney Universe is a game available for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC that offers hours of fun in a world filled by Disney characters and environments. Players will be able to choose from over 40 costumes to dawn while progressing through six different worlds inspires by both classic and modern Disney Pixar movies. Costumes will grant players powers based on the character chosen. Those powers will get stronger and even change as the player gains experience and levels up through his or her adventures. Disney Universe will offer multiplayer gaming for up to four people, and will keep them busy with its fast paced gameplay and familiar Disney humor that will be suitable for all ages.

Cheats and codes for Disney Universe on Xbox 360

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