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Diablo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Diablo 3
  • Game Description: The well-known, Blizzard dungeon-crawler franchise Diablo is headed to the Xbox 360 in the form of Diablo III, which takes place 20 years after the events of Diablo II. The Worldstone, which was shielding the people of the world has been destroyed, and evil is once again coming to life and threatening in Tristram. Players can choose from five different character classes and battle hordes of demons in order to not only safeguard the world, but just to survive!

Easy XP, Items and Money cheat for Diablo 3 on Xbox 360

You need to do the quest "The Legacy Of Cain - Explore Cellar" in Act I.

Take te waypoint to the Old Ruins and from there go north, then east.

Go down to the cellar and you'll see someone called Captain Daltyn. Kill him and you'll get a magic item and some coins. Also loot the cauldron.

Then talk to Leah to complete the quest and get XP and gold.

There is also a random spawning loot chest that has some good stuff in it.

Repeat this as many times as you want.

Game Name: Diablo 3

Cheat Name: Easy XP, Items and Money

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