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Devil May Cry 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Devil May Cry 4
  • Game Description: Capcom is back with the Devil May Cry 4, another sequel to its highly acclaimed series Devil May Cry on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows platform. Devil May Cry 4 continues forward the series main character Dante, fighting with a new protagonist in the customary mission based levels. The new protagonist is Nero, with a super powerful “Devil Bringer" arm that he uses to let loose unbelievable attacks on Dante. With highly improved graphics and high definition visual effects, all the details of the characters in Devil May Cry 4 seem coming to life. Hosts of new characters included are Nero, Kyrie, Credo, Gloria, and Agnus. Gamers play as Dante taking on Nero through the missions that involve intense combat action with a fast moving and gripping story.

Move Fast without Executing Speed cheat for Devil May Cry 4 on Xbox 360

When you are with either Nero or Dante, if you are at a cliff or somewhere steep, you can use a stinger or a sweeping move to run fast without excecuting speed.

When you use speed, you must run for a while before it goes fast, but with this move you don't have to wait, to use a stinger or sweeping move, you must first hold down RB.

Then you must press forward on the control stick and then press Y.

Game Name: Devil May Cry 4

Cheat Name: Move Fast without Executing Speed

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