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Deadfall Adventures Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Deadfall Adventures
  • Game Description: Join reluctant adventurer James Lee Quatermain in his mission to help the United States government find and reassemble the pieces of a powerful artifact before the Nazis or Russians do. But the pieces are scattered across the world, and recovering them won’t be easy. Venture into ancient temples inspired by the novels of H. Rider Haggard and use your skill and wits to overcome numerous traps and puzzles. In addition to the single player action-adventure campaign, there are also competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.

Achievements cheat for Deadfall Adventures on Xbox 360

5 gamerpoints – DIY
Finish a multiplayer match, using a self made Custom Class

5 gamerpoints – First Blood
Achieve First Kill in a multiplayer match

5 gamerpoints – Predator
Kill 10 different opponents in a Deathmatch

5 gamerpoints – Rescuer
Collect 50 silver statues in Treasure Hunt mode

10 gamerpoints – Jewel of Arabia
Found a secret treasure at the very beginning of the game

10 gamerpoints – Ancient engineers
Disable the crusher trap in the Arctic Base level

10 gamerpoints – Best Player
Achieve Best Score in a multiplayer match

10 gamerpoints – Dead or alive
Retrieve a treasure from a mummy's hands in the Mayan City

10 gamerpoints – Hard as a rock
Escape the crusher trap in Xibalba

10 gamerpoints – Light bearer
Collect 5 unique Power of Light treasures

10 gamerpoints – Raider
Collect 100 gold statues in Treasure Hunt mode

10 gamerpoints – Untouchable
Won a multiplayer match without dying

10 gamerpoints – Welcome to the jungle
Explore the secret cave in the Mayan Jungle

10 gamerpoints – I hear the train a comin'
Unlock a hidden treasure by moving minecarts in the Mines

15 gamerpoints – A treasure a day
Collect 10 unique Power of Life treasures

15 gamerpoints – Best Killer
Achieve Best K/D score in a multiplayer match

15 gamerpoints – Elevation
Use the elevator puzzle to reach the treasure in Mayan Tombs

15 gamerpoints – Heavily protected goods
Open a locker containing a treasure in the Mayan Temple

15 gamerpoints – Hold your breath
Escape from the gas trap inside the Sakkara pyramid

15 gamerpoints – Hunter
Kill players 100 times using traps

20 gamerpoints – From dusk to darkness
Leave the Mayan Tombs

20 gamerpoints – Heroes ex machina
Fight your way through the Arctic Mines

20 gamerpoints – Light of your heart
Create a picture with light at the Ice Temple

20 C gamerpoints – hildhood Memories
Solve the sliding puzzle in the Ice Temple

20 gamerpoints – Frozen mystery
Solve the final puzzle at the Arctic Caves level in an alternate way and collect a special treasure

20 gamerpoints – Illusionist
Earn 200 blessings in Treasure Hunt mode

20 gamerpoints – King of Light
Make your way through the Mayan City

20 gamerpoints – Mayan Barbecue
Kill 5 players with a fire trap during one multiplayer match

20 gamerpoints – Mayan sunset
Explore the Mayan Tombs

20 gamerpoints – Out of the sands
Make your way through the Sakkara pyramid

20 gamerpoints – Out of the snow
Travel through the Arctic wastelands

20 gamerpoints – Raider of the lost pyramid
Find the entrance to the pyramid

20 gamerpoints – The Warrior
Collect 15 unique Power of the Warrior treasures

20 gamerpoints – There can be only one
Win 10 times in Last Man Standing mode

20 gamerpoints – Warrior
Achieve all killing spree rewards in a single match

25 gamerpoints – Unstoppable
Defeat Stein

30 gamerpoints – Changeling
Unlock all characters in multiplayer mode

30 gamerpoints – Commando
Unlock all weapons in multiplayer mode

40 gamerpoints – Against all odds
Survive 100 enemy waves

40 gamerpoints – Collector
Collect 50 unique treasures in Adventure mode

40 gamerpoints – Gunsmith
Unlock all automatic upgrades for all weapons

40 gamerpoints – Heart of Atlantis
Beat the guardian of Xibalba

40 gamerpoints – Veteran
Achieve highest multiplayer rank

50 gamerpoints – Deadfall
Fight the final foe

50 gamerpoints – Lumberjack
Kill 500 Daru in survival mode

100 gamerpoints – Adventurer
Finish the Adventure campaign

Game Name: Deadfall Adventures

Cheat Name: Achievements

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