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Dead Space Xbox 360 Cheats

Dead Space Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dead Space
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Action

Dead Space is developed by EA Redwood Shores for Xbox 360. The central character of this game is engineer Isaac Clarke who plays the role of system engineer and goes for investigating and repairing the USG Ishimura with three security personnel and computer specialists. USG Ishimura is a mining ship, which comes in to the contact with a mystifying alien aircraft in Dead Space and it’s communication with the earth becomes cut-off. So, engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to patch up this communication gap. Necromorphs attack the crew of Ishimura. These monsters reproduced by reanimating departed human bodies, violating mutating and assimilating them to become one of their own. Now the mission of Isaac is now not only to repair the communications array, while he has to save the rest of the crew of Ishimura and to return the artifact to the planet at any cost.

Cheat for Dead Space on Xbox 360: Achievements

cheat name:


cheat: A Cut Above - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper.
Air Alert - 10 gamerpoints - Zero-G Jump over 100 times.
All Systems Go - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting.
Armstrong - 10 gamerpoints - Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis.
Autofire - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle.
Betrayed - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting.
Big Spender - 10 gamerpoints - Spend 300,000 credits at the store.
Brawler - 10 gamerpoints - Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack.
Butcher - 40 gamerpoints - Dismember 1000 Limbs.
Cannon Fodder - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting.
Crackshot - 5 gamerpoints - Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery.
Dead On Arrival - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting.
Epic Tier 3 Engineer - 150 gamerpoints - Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting.
Eviscerator - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun.
Exodus - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting.
Freeze - 15 gamerpoints - Use Stasis on 50 enemies.
Full Arsenal - 30 gamerpoints - Own every Weapon in the game.
Full Contact - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam.
Greenhouse Effect - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting.
Keeper of the Faith - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting.
Lab Rat - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting.
Legend Teller - 40 gamerpoints - Collect 150 Logs.
Live With The Hot Ones - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower.
Marksman - 5 gamerpoints - Dismember 20 Limbs.
Maxed Out - 75 gamerpoints - Upgrade all weapons and equipment.
Merchant - 10 gamerpoints - Collect 8 schematics.
One Gun - 40 gamerpoints - Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter.
Pack Rat - 10 gamerpoints - Store 25 Items in the Safe.
Pusher - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Force Gun.
Ragdoll Check - 5 gamerpoints - Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times.
S.O.S. - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting.
Story Teller - 20 gamerpoints - Collect 75 Logs.
Strange Transmissions - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting.
Surgeon - 20 gamerpoints - Dismember 500 Limbs.
Survivor - 50 gamerpoints - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
There's Always Peng! - 15 gamerpoints - Find the Peng Treasure.
Tool Time - 10 gamerpoints - Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter.
True Believer - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting.
Wreckage - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting.
Z-Baller - 5 gamerpoints - Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball.
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