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Dead Rising 2: OTR Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Dead Rising 2: OTR
Game Description: Frank West comes back to the retail part Dead Rising franchise in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. He did appear in a recent DLC for Dead Rising 2, but has not been in a retail copy of the franchise since the first installation. Along with Frank comes his camera that lets you boost your experience by taking pictures of the crazy ongoing in Fortune City. Frank's reemergence in the series comes with the biggest scandal in Dead Rising yet, which Chuck and Frank must uncover together.


TIR Moose Head cheat for Dead Rising 2: OTR on Xbox 360

game name:

Dead Rising 2: OTR

cheat title:

TIR Moose Head


This helmet can be find in the arena. When you enter the arena from the platinum strip there will be stairs going up.

Once you reach the top you will be in front of the stage. Look to your left in the corner and there will be some crates.

Climb on the crates and then climb on the ledge in front of you.

Look to your right and follow this ledge. You will reach the roof above the center of the stage and there you will find this 'helmet'.

It's actually basically a moosehead (a set of horns). Equip them with B and there you go.

Once you have this weapon you can hold X and Frank will sprint. These horns will kill zombies when you run through them.

It's a great weapon to help you in Challenges that involve time (in sandbox mode).

It's also a great way to get through large crowds of zombies.

For each kill with this TIR moose helmet you get 175pp, it's a brilliant way to level up.

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