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Dante's Inferno Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Dante's Inferno
  • Game Description: Dante's Inferno comes to us courtest of the talent at Visceral Games and EA Games. It is a 3rd person action adventure title that takes Dante on an adventure through Hell as he tries to rescue to the soul of the love of his life - Beatrice. As a player, you will descend through the nine elements of Hell as follows: limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud, and treachery. Each element has different levels, environments, enemies and of course bosses (some of which Dante can even tame to help him on his quest!).

Tips for King Minos cheat for Dante's Inferno on Xbox 360

King Minos can be abit tricky at first but if you follow my sequence you will have no trouble at all.

At the very start of the fight make sure you avoid his tail strikes that pop up from the ground by constantly moving. AS he moves back to yell get to the wall and hang onto it by pressing RB - this will avoid his screaming attack. Once he has finished creaming he will bring his face lower to the group, thats you signal to attack. Keep hammering away at him until you can see his belly and then switch to attacking that. Eventually he will send out a wave of minions which you will need to take down.

Now start moving again, as his second phase of tail attacks have started and be sure to watch out for his smashing fist - its easy to avoid aslong as your looking out for it! Once he has slammed his fish into the ground (hopefully without you under it!) run upto him and hit RT. Complete the button sequence and move back to attacking his belly. The second wave of minions will spawn and he will continue to use his smashing fist attack. Take them alldown and he will lower his face again. Attack the face until he exposes his tongue and press RT. Complete the button sequence and you will have defeated King Minos!

Game Name: Dante's Inferno

Cheat Name: Tips for King Minos

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