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DJ Hero Xbox 360 Cheat - Cheat Codes

DJ Hero Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: DJ Hero
Publisher: Activision
Developer: FreeStyleGames
Genre: Music

First they made Guitar Hero, a totally new and unprecedented way for video gamers to experience music. DJ Hero gives you an amazing variety of music from all genres. These are the tracks that you love and that reflect who you really are. It comes with a real turntable controller so you can spin and scratch over 100 songs into your own fresh mixes. If you like Guitar Hero, you'll definitely want to try DJ Hero.

Cheat for DJ Hero on Xbox 360: Cheat Codes

cheat name:

Cheat Codes

cheat: uNA2 - All characters
LAuP - All decks
62Db - All headphones
82xI - All songs
Wv1u - All venues
S15d - Auto Crossfader
ab1L - Auto DSP
r3a9 - Auto Euphoria
ZitH - Auto GemHit
IT6j - Auto Scratch
g7nH - Bedroom DJ
ipr0 - Blank Plinths
b!99 - BWNoise
D1G? - Daft Punk and mixes
k07u - DJ AM
n1fz - DJ Jazzy Jeff
oMxV - DJ Shadow
5rtg - DJ Z-Trip and mixes
2u4u - Edge Detect
Ami8 - Grandmaster Flash
7gE0 - Hamster Switch
oh5T - Invisible DJ
4pe5 - Midas
d4kR - No More Black
?jy! - Rainbow
76st - RedBull
S1uC - Short Deck
tol0 - Unlock All Content
k07u - Unlock DJ AM
n1fz - Unlock DJ Jazzy Jeff
oMxV - Unlock DJ Shadow
5rtg - Unlock DJ Z-Trip Presents mixes and character
Ami8 - Unlock Grandmaster Flash
0Jj8 - Use any DJ any set
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submited: Fri, 01st January 2010 01:08 AM

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