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Contrast Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Contrast
  • Game Description: In this platform/puzzle game, meet Didi and her imaginary friend, Dawn. Switch between a 3D world and a 2D shadow world to discover all the secrets and mysteries of Didi, Dawn, and the strange 1920s world they inhabit. Contrast has online leaderboards and a setting inspired by vaudeville and film noir.

Easy Not That Kind of Game Achievement cheat for Contrast on Xbox 360

Use the tips below to help you get the “Not That Kind of Game!” achievement.
There is a location called the “Ghost Note” club in Act 1: “Of All the Gin Joints…” Either before or after you enter it, walk left past the club to eventually find another building called “24h Dirty 24h” according to its neon sign. Approach the door and you will get the achievement.

Game Name: Contrast

Cheat Name: Easy Not That Kind of Game Achievement

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