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Conan Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Conan
Game Description: A story involving adventure, truth and evil, brutal and visceral combat all combined in one makes the all-new action combat game Conan. Conan the Cimmerian is involved in an epic battle against an array of enemies supporting an elusive power that threatens to take over the world. You can follow the journey of Conan on Xbox 360. Conan has at his disposal weapons like hand-to-hand weapons, objects in the surrounding environment and some powerful elemental magic to use in battle. Take this fight to the enemies of Conan across the gigantic continent of Hyborea.


Cheat Codes cheat for Conan on Xbox 360

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Cheat Codes


Go to the unlockables menu and enter the respective code for the unlockable you desire.

Bone Cleaver Variation Art: Press the left Analog stick down, press X, press Right Analog stick down, press Y, LB, LB, Down, Down.

Cave Ape Variation Art: Down, LB, Down, RB, X, LT.

Conan Helmet Study #1: Y, Y, Press Left Analog stick, X, X, Press Right Analog Stick, Up.

Conan Helmet Study #2: Up, LB, Down, RB, X, X, Y, Y, Press right analog stick.

Giant Sea Serpent #1: Press Left Analog Stick twice, Y, Y, X, Press right analog stick.

Giant Sea Serpent #2: Left, X, Left, Y, Down, Press Right Analog Stick twice.

Graven Variation #1: Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Y.

Graven Variation #2: Up, Down, Left, Left, X, X, X.

Spirit Variation: Right, Right, Left, left, Up, Down, Up, Down, X, X.

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