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Clutch Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Clutch
  • Game Description: The Harvesters are a motley bunch of daredevils with a mission: find treasure in the ruins of the Large Hadron Collider. You are a hobo mechanic named "Clutch," and you have heard that deep inside the bowels of the LHC is the ultimate prize. The harvesters hide inside the quarantine perimeter of the LHC and build cars and other types of equipment to work their way into what used to be the LHC campus before the LHC had been powered up for the first time. Clutch and his gang deal with radiation and mutants, but there are things brought into the world by the mysterious LHC energies that they're willing to kill for. Once those things are located, it's time for the death race ...

Weapon Upgrades cheat for Clutch on Xbox 360

Complete the task successfully in order to unlock the upgrade for the character listed. The upgrade can be used in any mission that you replay.

7.62mm sniper rifle gun camera (Graves) - Complete the first Mission.
7.62mm Sniper Rifle Suppressor(Graves) - Complete 3 missions.
Automatic shotgun (Graves) - Complete 8 missions.
Flashbangs (Graves and Lang) - Complete 4 missions.
HEAT rocket launcher (Lang) - Complete the first Mission.
Incendiary grenade (Lang) - Complete 5 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 200-round magazine capacity (Lang) - Complete 3 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 25% increased rate of fire (Lang) - Complete 7 missions.
LMG 5.56mm 40mm grenade launcher (Lang) - Complete 2 missions.
LMG 5.56mm Foregrip (Lang) - Complete 9 missions.
Proximity mine (Graves) - Complete 6 missions.
Shotgun attachment (Graves) - Complete 2 missions.

Game Name: Clutch

Cheat Name: Weapon Upgrades

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