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Child of Eden Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Child of Eden
  • Game Description: Eden is the archive of all human memories, and the game Child of Eden puts you in the middle of a fight to save Project Lumi, where the goal is to reproduce human personality inside Eden. Problem is, as the project approaches completion, a mysterious virus attacks the archive. You have to save Eden from the virus in order to restore peace. A joint collaboration between Ubisoft and video game creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi (who also masterminded the game Rez), Child of Eden immerses players in the game, putting you directly inside the game world of Eden.

Achievements cheat for Child of Eden on Xbox 360

Automaton - 5 gamerpoints - Achieved a 4 Star Clear Rank.
Dabbler - 20 gamerpoints - 10% of Extra bonuses unlocked.
Feel The Beat - 5 gamerpoints - Achieved a Perfect Octa-Lock.
Figure Eight - 5 gamerpoints - Purified an enemy using Octa-Lock.
Genius Play - 20 gamerpoints - Cleared the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode and achieved 100% purification.
Hot Shot - 10 gamerpoints - Achieved a total of 100 Perfect Octa-Locks.
Matrix Completionist - 5 gamerpoints - Obtained all items in the Matrix Archive.
Pulse-Pounding - 15 gamerpoints - Obtained more than 800,000 points in the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode.
The Cleaner - 5 gamerpoints - All enemy types purified.
The Skills That Pay The Bills - 10 gamerpoints - Achieved 10 consecutive Perfect Octa-Locks.
The Wireframe Web Expands - 30 gamerpoints - Cleared the Matrix Archive on Normal Difficulty Mode.
Total Enlightenment - 5 gamerpoints - Euphoria used.
Ultimate Compiler - 50 gamerpoints - Collected all Reward Items in Lumi's Garden.

Game Name: Child of Eden

Cheat Name: Achievements

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