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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Chaotic: Shadow Warriors
Game Description: If Chaotic worlds are your thing, then you'll love the Chaotic video game that combines action, role play, and turn based gameplay elements for a huge adventure in the amazing Chaotic world of Perim. Your adventure takes you through a pulsating, fully detailed 3D environments and lets you interact with creatures from the trading card game and hit cartoon series. Players will create their own army of Chaotic creatures, whom they will manage while fighting enemies. The goal is to collect battle gear and unlock new "mugic" magic spells and attacks. This game features very dramatic tactical situations, several great gameplay modes, and powerful upgrades along with very valuable unlockables.


Achievements cheat for Chaotic: Shadow Warriors on Xbox 360

game name:

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors

cheat title:



Attack Master - 25 gamerpoints - Make 25 fully successful bonus Attacks during Story Mode battles.
Blocking Master - 25 gamerpoints - Make 25 fully successful blocks during Story Mode battles.
Chaotic Multiplayer Apprentice - 20 gamerpoints - Win 20 Ranked Matches.
Chaotic Multiplayer Master - 50 gamerpoints - Win 50 Ranked Matches.
Finished the game - 125 gamerpoints - Finish the game's Story Mode.
Master Battlegear collector - 125 gamerpoints - Find all the different Battlegear items in the game.
Master Creature collector - 125 gamerpoints - Add all the different Creatures in the game to the Creature Pool.
Master Creature scanner - 20 gamerpoints - Scan 20 Creatures in battle.
Master Mugic collector - 75 gamerpoints - Find all the different Mugic spells in the game.
Mommark's Apprentice - 50 gamerpoints - Refine at least 25 Creatures.
Novice Battlegear collector - 50 gamerpoints - Find 10 different Battlegear items.
Novice Creature collector - 25 gamerpoints - Add 10 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool.
Novice Creature scanner - 10 gamerpoints - Scan 5 Creatures in battle.
Novice Mugic collector - 25 gamerpoints - Find 15 different Mugic spells.
Professional Creature collector - 50 gamerpoints - Add 25 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool.

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