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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
Game Description: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the new third-person action game from Kojima Productions and Mercury Steam. As Gabriel, a member of the Brotherhood of the Light, you'll experience the end of days, as Earth's alliance with the heavens is threatened by mysterious dark forces. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow lets you experience a new Castlevania game that's totally unique.


Achievements cheat for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Xbox 360

game name:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

cheat title:



Brawler - 20 gamerpoints - Buy 15 combos.
Crusade - 30 gamerpoints - Finish all levels in Knight difficulty.
Dark collector - 20 gamerpoints - Gather all the 30 Shadow gems.
Eleventy party - 40 gamerpoints - Get 110% completion rate in all levels.
Epic victory - 40 gamerpoints - Finish all levels in Paladin difficulty.
Experienced - 10 gamerpoints - Acquire 1000 experience points.
Gest - 20 gamerpoints - Finish all levels in Warrior difficulty.
Green collector - 20 gamerpoints - Gather all the 30 Life gems.
Light collector - 20 gamerpoints - Gather all the 30 Light gems.
Master achiever - 50 gamerpoints - Complete all the trials.
Master fighter - 25 gamerpoints - Buy all combos.
Master improver - 25 gamerpoints - Find all the secret Brotherhood arks.
Master jeweler - 25 gamerpoints - Gather all hidden magic gems.
Master philanthropist - 20 gamerpoints - Buy all the extra artwork.
Seasoned - 15 gamerpoints - Acquire 20000 experience points .
Skirmish - 15 gamerpoints - Finish all levels in Esquire difficulty.
Veteran - 30 gamerpoints - Acquire 100000 experience points.
Welcome to the Club - 15 gamerpoints - Buy a combo.

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