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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
  • Game Description: In the year 2054, Private Military Corporations provide the firepower for nations and change the meaning of war. Exoskeletons and futuristic gadgets make this a Call of Duty experience unlike any ever seen before. Play alone or join your friends in local and online multiplayer, and follow the campaign as the dark story of Jonathan Irons of the Atlas Corporation unfolds amidst the fevered FPS action.

Easy Achievements cheat for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox 360

You can get the “Carma” achievement in Mission 1: Induction. Once you encounter the drones, you’ll be on a street with cars. Pull a car door free and carry it until you reach enemies in a building a little later in the mission. Throw it into them.

The “Deadeye” achievement requires you to reach 2,000 points in Mission 2: Atlas’s shooting range section. The best way to do this is to stand near the middle and fire an automatic weapon in short bursts. When you’re told to activate Overdrive, do so, to aim at faster targets. There are three rounds, with breaks in between. Reload during the breaks. You can always restart this mission from the mission select screen if you would like to wait until you have higher reloading speed and accuracy.

The “Grenadier” achievement requires you to reach 1,600 points in Mission 2: Atlas’s grenade range section. Position yourself near the refilling station and focus on using Threat Grenades and Smart Grenades, which will target enemies even if you throw them without aiming well.

For the “Fire and Forget” achievement in Mission 4: Fission, a turret you can use will be on the left side of the road after you get out of the helicopter. Shoot 10 enemies from the turret.

Mission 13: Throttle’s “Flying Ace” achievement requires you to use machine guns against the jets. Don’t use rockets at all, and don’t waste time fighting the ground vehicles. Fly close to the jets and shoot them down.

An easy place to get the “Genius” achievement is just after the laboratory in Mission 4: Fission. Outside of the laboratory, sprint-dash left to reach a set of stairs leading up to a platform with five enemies on it. Reach the stairs before any of them can leave, and throw a Threat Grenade. The checkpoint is nearby, so restart if the grenade fails to kill at least 4.

You can get the “Heavy-Handed” achievement in Mission 14: Captured if you check every body you pass to see if there’s a weapon you can take.

If Mission 3: Traffic’s “Look Both Ways” achievement is giving you trouble, just make sure you get across the street before you shoot.

In Mission 12: Armada, a simple way to get the “Man Overboard” achievement is to wait for the helicopter to come. One enemy will use a zipline to reach the deck and land by a container near the edge of the ship. Just melee him to knock him over the side.

In Mission 8: Sentinel, you can get the “Party Crasher” achievement as long as you sneak through the bushes, use the D-pad’s Right command to draw targets closer, and kill them with your Grappling Hook, without being detected. There are enough enemies that you can afford to miss a few, but you should restart if you’re detected.

For Mission 10: Bio Lab’s “Restricted Airspace” achievement, you can’t miss any of the helicopters. Use EMP ammo to shoot down all 10, and restart if one escapes.

Once you get off the helicopter in Mission 4: Fission, there is a Mobile Cover Drone on the right side of the road you can use to get the “Riot Control” achievement. Enemies shot with the drone will increase your progress toward “Riot Control,” and this progress will carry over to another playthrough.

In Chapter 6: Manhunt, you can get the “Sitting Ducks” achievement early on. Use the stealth sniper drone to take out the first enemy, and then continue on until you see the two guards at the gate. Another will walk toward them. Fire once the three enemies are lined up in a row, and you should kill all three. If not, you can restart from the checkpoint to try again.

An easy place to get the “Threat Detected” achievement is in Mission 1: Induction, shortly after you learn how to boost dodge. Fight through the entrance area and go around the corner, to where many enemies will be grouped together on a balcony. Throw a Threat Grenade up there.

The “Where Are You Going” achievement is very simple to get. In Mission 7: Utopia, use an EMP grenade when you encounter the AST enemies.
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