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Burnout Revenge Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Burnout Revenge
  • Game Description: Burnout Franchise joins hands with Xbox 360 to deliver Burnout Revenge. Burnout revenge will let you orchestrate the most realistic crashes ever seen in a video game and will let you speed at never before experienced levels. Or go online and race against other Burnout Revenge addicts for a mind blowing experience.

Clipping Corners cheat for Burnout Revenge on Xbox 360

If you clip the corner (don't go straight into it) and then use your nitro you can gain a second or two per corner as it is much faster than power sliding and waiting for the car to pickup speed again.

This is brilliant for those times when every second counts but be warned as it's extremely reckless and can cost you a race you might otherwise have won.

Game Name: Burnout Revenge

Cheat Name: Clipping Corners

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