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Bully: Scholarship Edition Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bully: Scholarship Edition
  • Game Description: Bully one of the most famous games on Xbox 360 is returning with Bully: Scholarship edition. It is a tale of a naughty and playful 15-year-old Jimmy Hopkins, who is experiencing the joviality and unease of adolescence at the story bound New England boarding school. The academy in Bully: scholarship Edition is Bullworth Academy. Prank the preppies, save the nerds, kiss the girl and beat the jocks at dodge ball.

English Lesson Answers cheat for Bully: Scholarship Edition on Xbox 360

Level 1: Mellow, Mewl, Moll, Meow, Mole, Well, Elm, Mow, Low, Owe, Mew, Owl, Woe.

Level 2: Fights, Sight, Shift, Gifts, Fight, This, Gift, Gist, Sift, Hits, Sigh, Fist, Fits, Fish, Figs, Ifs, Its, Hit, Sit, His, Fit, Fig.

Level 3: Smiles, Slimes, Limes, Slime, Seism, Smile, Slims, Isles, Miles, Lies, Less, Leis, Lime, Semi, Slim, Mile, Isle, Mess, Miss, Mise, Elms, Mil, Lie, Lei, Elm.

Level 4: Crayon, Acorn, Carny, Crony, Corny, Rayon, Cony, Narc, Roan, Nary, Racy, Yarn, Corn, Cyan, Cran, Rya, Yon, Oar, Coy, Cry, Car, Cay, Can, Con, Nor, Nay, Any, Ray, Ran, Arc.

Level 5: Dagger, Ragged, Agger, Grade, Raged, Gager, Gear, Egad, Read, Dear, Rage, Grad, Gage, Dreg, Drag, Dare, Aged, Egg, Rad, Gag, Gar, Gad, Dag, Era, Ear, Erg, Rag, Are, Age, Red.

Game Name: Bully: Scholarship Edition

Cheat Name: English Lesson Answers

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