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Bulletstorm Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bulletstorm
  • Game Description: Bulletstorm is set in a utopian future, where a top peacekeeping force is trying to prevent civil war. The only problem is there are problems within the ranks. Two members of the most fearsome unit, “Dead Echo,” have struck out on their own. Their latest attempt at space piracy goes horribly wrong, and the two, Ishi Sato and Grayson Hunt crash land on the planet Stygia. Stranded on the abandoned planet, they find themselves surrounded by mutants who eat flesh. These fighters have two goals: to get off Stygia alive, and to get revenge on the person who sent them there in the first place. You’ll take the role of Grayson Hunt, where you have access to amazing combat techniques and awesomely innovative weapons like you’ve never seen in a first-person shooter game. Bulletstorm’s “skillshot” system gives you frenetic gameplay like you’ve never experienced before!

Unlimited Rifle Ammo cheat for Bulletstorm on Xbox 360

When your Peacemaker Carbine is running low on ammunition hit X quickly and you will be refilled for free, without using any skillpoints.

Game Name: Bulletstorm

Cheat Name: Unlimited Rifle Ammo

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