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Brutal Legend Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Brutal Legend
  • Game Description: In this rock and roll fantasy, Jack Black is Eddie Riggs. He's a roady who is consumed into a legendary "Age of Rock" to battle evil, help an army of rockers escape a life of oppression, find a girlfriend, and figure out his life's goal. It sounds like a tall order until you find out that this is the design of the famous game director Tim Schafer. Brutal Legend combines gruelling combat, open world freedom, and a universe that's part Lord of the Rings and part Spinal Tap. Brutal Legend is a new perspective on the action and driving game genre, filled with fake cover bands. The game really cranks up with plenty of hot babes, great music, mountains of amps, and plenty of chrome and leather. You'll follow Eddie Riggs while he goes on a tour of epic destruction with his guitar, an axe, and his loyal minions as he directs epic band battles.

Last Interactions cheat for Brutal Legend on Xbox 360

Once you have completed the game you can go around the various characters in the game to "complete the story". You will find them in the following locations:

Lita - By Lars' grave.

Magnus - On the big sword at Blade Henge.

Ophelia - Infront of the cross close to the hunter.

Rima - On the tower in the jungle.

Thunderhogs - In the Kill Master's Lair.

Infantry - You'll find them at the beach party.

Game Name: Brutal Legend

Cheat Name: Last Interactions

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