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Bound by Flame Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Bound by Flame
  • Game Description: The seven Ice Lords have devastated the world with the help of their Deadarmy. Take control of Vulcan in this RPG and decide whether you will use the powers of the flame demon that possess you, or if you will instead fight to save your humanity. Three skills trees and a variety of companions will allow you to vary your combat style as you see fit, as you fight monsters in tactical real-time battles. Will you sacrifice your soul to use the demon’s powers? The choice is yours.

Skill Tree Completion Achievements cheat for Bound by Flame on Xbox 360

There are three skill tree completion achievements, one for each of the three skill trees:
“Firestarter,” “Master at Arms,” and “Master Ranger.” If you play through normally, you can’t complete all three skill trees in a single playthrough, but if you follow the steps below, you can.

1. Conserve all of your skill points until Level 19, although you can use Feat points.
2. Save your game.
3. You should have enough skill points to complete a tree. Pick one and do so. You will receive the achievement for that tree.
4. Load your saved game and put the skill points into one of the other trees to get that one’s achievement.
5. Load your saved game and put the skill points into the third tree to get that one’s achievement. You should now have all three achievements.
6. Feel free to load your saved game again to distribute your skill points in a different way.

Game Name: Bound by Flame

Cheat Name: Skill Tree Completion Achievements

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