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Blitz: The League II Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Blitz: The League II
  • Game Description: BLITZ: THE LEAGUE II is the perfect continuation of the awe inspiring football experience of the franchise and this new game for the Xbox 360 includes several features like online multiplayer capabilities, late hits, enhanced game modes and expanded rosters with all-new personalities. BLITZ: THE LEAGUE II brings back the football legend Lawrence Taylor who is the main athlete here who is playing for the Quentin Sands and along side comes a star-studded supporting cast as well.

Celebrations List (All) cheat for Blitz: The League II on Xbox 360

You can use the following codes to do the respective celebration.

Air Traffic: X Y X B
Back It Up: X B Y B
Ball Spike: A A A B
Beer Chug: A A B B
Clothesline: Y A A B
Dance Fever: Y Y Y A
En Garde: B B B X
Get Down: B A B Y
Golf Putt: A X Y B
Grenade: A X B Y
Gunslinger: A A B A
Hand Exchange: B B X A
Helmet Fling: A X A X
Knighted: A A Y X
Knockout: X X Y Y
Man Crush: X X X Y
Nut Shot: Y Y B A
Pinned: Y X B A
Proposal: B X B A
Pylon Darts: A B A B
Pylon Kick: B A A B
Tango: Y X A X
The Fiddler: Y X X Y
The Pooper: Y X A B

Game Name: Blitz: The League II

Cheat Name: Celebrations List (All)

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