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Blades of Time Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Blades of Time
Game Description: In Blades of Time you take on the role of Ayumi, who is a sword wielding treasure hunter in a mysterious island called, funnily enough, Blades of Time. The island contains many treasures, but is also affected by destructive and chaotic magic as well as many secrets. Can Ayumi get the loot and also escape the island safely?


Secret Achievements cheat for Blades of Time on Xbox 360

game name:

Blades of Time

cheat title:

Secret Achievements


Gather Chi - 15 gamerpoints - Get the ability to gather Chi.
Rifle - 15 gamerpoints - Find the rifle.
Coral Dash - 15 gamerpoints - Get the ability to dash to corals.
Enemy Dash - 15 gamerpoints - Get the ability to dash to enemies.
Time Rewind - 15 gamerpoints - Get the ability to rewind time.
Order Spell - 15 gamerpoints - Survive Chaos event.
Free to go! - 30 gamerpoints - Kill Gateguard.
Clear the Jungle - 30 gamerpoints - Kill Shaman Boss.
Your Fire Is Nothing - 15 gamerpoints - Kill Shaman Boss without taking damage from his massive fire spell.
Old Temple - 15 gamerpoints - Reach the Sanctuary.
World of Order - 30 gamerpoints - Defeat Skyguard Commander.
Big Corpse - 90 gamerpoints - Defeat Giant Worm.
Sky Islands - 90 gamerpoints - Leave the Sky Islands.
Brutal Lands - 90 gamerpoints - Kill the Vicar of Chaos.
Dragon - 15 gamerpoints - Ayumi gets Dragon form.
Keeper Is Dead - 90 gamerpoints - Finish game on any difficulty.
Hard Times Are Over - 90 gamerpoints - Finish game on Hard difficulty.

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