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Blades of Time Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Blades of Time
Game Description: In Blades of Time you take on the role of Ayumi, who is a sword wielding treasure hunter in a mysterious island called, funnily enough, Blades of Time. The island contains many treasures, but is also affected by destructive and chaotic magic as well as many secrets. Can Ayumi get the loot and also escape the island safely?


Achievements cheat for Blades of Time on Xbox 360

game name:

Blades of Time

cheat title:



Too Hot For You - 15 gamerpoints - Kill Brutal Maul without being frozen by his shockwave.
Brutal Kill - 15 gamerpoints - Kill 5 enemies at once.
Annihilation Kill - 30 gamerpoints - Kill 10 enemies at once.
Famous Hunter - 15 gamerpoints - Kill 1,000 enemies in total.
Faster Than You! - 15 gamerpoints - Use Counterattack 100 times.
Grasshopper - 15 gamerpoints - Use Dash 30 times without touching the ground.
Curious - 15 gamerpoints - Find half of the notes.
Collector - 30 gamerpoints - Find all notes.
Ready To Fight - 15 gamerpoints - Find all types of equipment.
Unstoppable - 15 gamerpoints - Win any Outbreak match.
Out of My Way - 15 gamerpoints - Kill an enemy player in Outbreak match.
Outbreak Hero - 30 gamerpoints - Kill each Outbreak boss at least once.
Experienced - 10 gamerpoints - Play 5 Outbreak matches.
I'm Rich - 15 gamerpoints - Find all the chests in story mode on the Normal difficulty level.
Treasure Hunter - 30 gamerpoints - Find all the chests in story mode on the Hard difficulty level.
Double Attack - 15 gamerpoints - Kill 25 heavy enemies using the Time Rewind double attack.
Angry - 15 gamerpoints - Kill 100 enemies during your Time Rewind Berserk buff.
Rain of Bullets - 15 gamerpoints - Shoot off Magic Armor from 50 enemies using Time Rewind clones.

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