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BlackSite: Area 51 Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for BlackSite: Area 51 on Xbox 360

Game: BlackSite: Area 51
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Midway
Genre: Action
Game Description: BlackSite: Area 51 will bring to life all the fears of modern day in an extraordinary yet familiar way. An American town, a small one is teeming under the threat of alien life. The American government is literally struggling in desperation to keep the brutal and ugly secrets of this terrible happening under covers. But, with only little success. Step into the shoes of Aeran Peirce, on Xbox 360 in BlackSite: Area 51, a former Special Forces assassin whom the government has ordered to deal with one of the most defining moments in American history.

Cheats and codes for BlackSite: Area 51 on Xbox 360

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