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Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2
Game Description: Following on from award winning Bit. Trip Runner, the sequel stays true to the style of the orginal as a music beat platform game. New moves and scenery is experienced while gamers run, kick and jump through obstacles whilst listening to new soundtracks with the aim of beating the evil Timbletot and saving one of a number of worlds.


Achievements cheat for Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 on Xbox 360

game name:

Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2

cheat title:



First Steps - 10 gamerpoints - Completed 10 Rewards.
On Your Way - 10 gamerpoints - Completed 20 Rewards.
Jogging Along - 10 gamerpoints - Completed 30 Rewards.
Going Somewhere - 15 gamerpoints - Completed 40 Rewards.
Sir Trots-A-Lot - 15 gamerpoints - Completed 50 Rewards.
Running Steady - 15 gamerpoints - Completed 60 Rewards.
Good Stride - 20 gamerpoints - Completed 70 Rewards.
Sprint!! - 20 gamerpoints - Completed 80 Rewards.
You are AWESOME - 30 gamerpoints - Completed all 90 Rewards.
Cloud King - 10 gamerpoints - What were those giant things in the background of World 1? You are pretty sure you have no idea.
Water Strider - 15 gamerpoints - Mucked through the Emerald Brine.
Super Tree Hugger - 20 gamerpoints - Evolved past the Supernature.
Feel the Burn - 25 gamerpoints - How did you manage to get through the Mounting Sadds?
Future Legend - 30 gamerpoints - Back on track to your FATE.
Hardcore - 20 gamerpoints - Beat all levels on hard. That's something!
Perfectionist - 10 gamerpoints - Perfect Runned each level.
Perfect Perfectionist - 50 gamerpoints - Triple Perfect+ed the entire game. Holy crap!
A New Challenger - 5 gamerpoints - Checkpoints are for suckers!
Who Dat!? - 10 gamerpoints - You made a new friend.
Better Than Perfect - 5 gamerpoints - Got 5 Perfect+s, one in each World.
Double Perfectionist - 10 gamerpoints - Double Double Perfected once in each World.
Triple Perfectionist - 20 gamerpoints - Triple Triple Perfected once in each World.

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