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EDGE review scores

The latest EDGE review scores include Castlevania, Enslaved, Dead Rising 2, Quantum Theory, Civilization V, a couple of Move titles, and more. [read more]

Mass Effect PS3 enjoys 'visual changes'

Bioware has revealed that Mass Effect 2 is likely to see some "visual changes" on PS3 - and will "play differently" to the 360 version of the game. [read more]

Does the 360 Have an Edge Over the PS3 In the Final Stretch?

Bitmob: I'm a computer science major at a research University, and last week one of my professors gave a lecture about graphics. He works and does research with Microsoft from time to time and he actually helped them come up with the feature set for DirectX 11. [read more]

PS3 vs 360 Face-Off: Dead Rising 2 | Digital Foundry

Digital Foundry: "In the case of Dead Rising 2, a new studio also means a new engine: only recently, with the development of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has the publisher allowed the use of its prized Framework MT technology outside of its Japanese HQ, so Blue Castle Games utilised its own technology for this release. The result is pretty impressive: the tech manages to process the requisite multitudes of zombies rather well and the draw distance and LOD transitions are fairly smooth with only minimal amounts of pop-up. Disadvantages arrive in the form of sometimes-basic environments and lighting, along with some low-poly characters, but the overall effect is impressive. The question is, does the technical accomplishment translate over to the PS3 version of the game?" [read more]

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