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Remedy explains decision to release Alan Wake on Xbox 360 only

VG247: When Microsoft announced at X10 that there would not be a PC version of Alan Wake, it was explained away that the game was best suited for a larger screen – like a television. According to Oskari Häkkinen, head of franchise at Remedy, playing the game on the telly is more of a preference than anything, as the company has a long history with developing games for PC. Speaking with VG247 in London this week, Häkkinen told us that the decision to axe the PC version was more about focusing on one platform at a time than anything else. [read more]

Medal Of Honor Will Have Peek And Lean

Medal of Honor exec producer Greg Goodrich has told IncGamers that the forthcoming Medal of Honor game will include "things that the Medal of Honor player expects," including peek and lean functions. [read more]

Final Fantasy XIII Fact Check: What We Know So Far

So which version looks better? Xbox 360 or PS3? Both versions look fantastic. Read any of the recent hands-on previews and that's what everyone's saying, no ifs, ands, or buts. So why all this squabbling? You know how cable news tends to be 80 or 90 percent crap to fill the 24 hour news hole? Same applies to message boards. 80 to 90 percent babble, 24 hour dialogue-hole to fill, and gamers with nothing better to do than fuss over screenshots and hatch conspiracy theories and generally poke each other with sticks, just to see what happens. If you're after a technical comparison, none yet exists. Don't assume the guys at Game Site X claiming to know have a clue. For all you know, they've got their PS3s plugged in HDMI and their 360s connected VGA to an HDTV with mismatched input variables. Besides, what the heck does "slightly crisper" mean, anyway? [read more]

DVD capacity becoming an issue for 360

Some developers are starting to whisper about the fact that the use of DVD storage on the Xbox 360 is finally leading to capacity issues. A dual-layer DVD is capped at about 9GB of available storage per disc, and with the PlayStation 3 sporting a Blu-ray drive that is able to handle discs with a capacity of 25GB to 50GB; it is easy to see how developers can start to feel cramped with the max of 9GB on a standard DVD. [read more]

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