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Ben 10: Galactic Racing Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Ben 10: Galactic Racing
  • Publisher: D3 Publisher
  • Developer: Monkey Bar Games
  • Genre: Racing
Cheats for Ben 10: Galactic Racing on Xbox 360
  • Game Description: Ben 10: Galactic Racing offers a new Ben 10 experience in the forum of cart racing. Players can control Ben and many of his aliens friends and foes in an over the top, four player racing game. Each character has powers similar to those present in the cartoon network series, which players can use to turn the tides in any race. Racers can also pick up power ups that range from speed boosts to more powerful versions of the characters' powers. Ben, who has no powers in the show, can use his Ultimatrix in order to transform into many of the aliens from the cartoon. There is also a Galactic Grand Prix mode, which is similar to a career mode, in which players can win trophies.