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Beat'n Groovy Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Beat'n Groovy
  • Game Description: BEAT'N GROOVY is the latest success of the Xbox 360 which lets you to score while you are grooving with the music and the rhythm of the beats. In this game you can play as one of the seven characters and the music that you can play ranges from instrumental to pop. You can make use of the Xbox LIVE Vision Camera to personalize the game and you can challenge the whole world with Xbox Live when you are playing BEAT'N GROOVY.

Achievements cheat for Beat'n Groovy on Xbox 360

Dance Master - 15 gamerpoints - Score 90,000 points or more on every song in Arcade Mode.
Dance Pwnage - 10 gamerpoints - Win a ranked match by 5,000 points or more.
Dancin' All Night - 30 gamerpoints - Complete Endless Mode.
Easy Clear - 15 gamerpoints - Complete every song in Arcade Mode in 3-Button Mode.
Entertainer - 20 gamerpoints - Get a combo of 100 or more in Arcade Mode.
Music Maniac - 10 gamerpoints - Complete every song in Arcade Mode.
Normal Clear - 15 gamerpoints - Complete every song in Arcade Mode in 5-Button Mode.
Ranked Master - 25 gamerpoints - Win 10 consecutive ranked matches.
Ranked Match Newbie - 5 gamerpoints - Win a ranked match.
Ranked Veteran - 10 gamerpoints - Play 100 ranked matches.
Superstar - 25 gamerpoints - Earn a perfect rating on every song in Arcade Mode.
Veteran Dancer - 20 gamerpoints - Earn a total lifetime score of 10 million points across all of your games.

Game Name: Beat'n Groovy

Cheat Name: Achievements

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