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Battlefield Hardline Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Battlefield Hardline
  • Game Description: The Battlefield series receives a new twist with this installment, as Battlefield Hardline turns away from military combat to focus on inner-city fights between SWAT officers and criminals. This cops-and-robbers approach introduces new weapons, gadgets, and modes, while keeping the series’ core elements and the Levolution mechanic introduced in Battlefield 4. Choose your side and join your friends in this fast-paced, high-action FPS experience.

The Simpsons Easter Egg cheat for Battlefield Hardline on Xbox 360

On “High Tension,” if you use “spot” while investigating the donuts in the garage bay, you’ll shout, “Donuts spotted,” a reference to the Simpsons.

Game Name: Battlefield Hardline

Cheat Name: The Simpsons Easter Egg

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