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Baja: Edge of Control Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Baja: Edge of Control
  • Game Description: The ultimate off-road racing experience comes to Xbox 360 with the Baja: Edge of Control where you can customize and build your own off road vehicle and then you can speed off to the most unpredictable terrains which helps to keep the game realistic as well as adventurous. It is BAJA: Edge of Control which takes the gamer into the off-road racing world where you can crash with every turn that you take or you can discover a completely new road off to adventure.

Unlock Everything and Everything cheat for Baja: Edge of Control on Xbox 360

You must first do this cheat from the main menu, go in to options, use the scroll buttons to toggle along to the cheats and enter:

SUPERMAX: Unlocks all car performance parts, this is good so you don't need to spend your credits.

SHOWTIME: This cheat Unlocks everything in the game.

Game Name: Baja: Edge of Control

Cheat Name: Unlock Everything and Everything

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