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Attack Of The Movies 3D Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Attack Of The Movies 3D
  • Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
  • Developer: TBA
  • Genre: Shooter
Cheats for Attack Of The Movies 3D on Xbox 360
  • Game Description: With Attack of the Movies 3-D, you'll never go through the same fight twice! Players in this game become part of movie scenes they've only dreamed of participating in. The game includes six movie-themed settings, and there, players have to battle machines, space alien cruisers, and underwater monsters. Every setting features weapons based on a particular movie genre for engaging enemies. You get to use automatic laser cannons and zombie-killing shotguns among others! The paths branch off in different directions, and enemies change their attack strategies. To top it off, there are environmental challenges that keep the game unique.