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Assassin’s Creed: Rogue Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue
  • Game Description: In a dark entry to the Assassin’s Creed series, you take on the role of an unusual protagonist, as Shay Patrick Cormac leaves the Brotherhood of Assassins. His journey to find his true calling will take you through a variety of vivid locations, from New York City to the North Atlantic, with enhanced naval gameplay and a brand new ship. For the first time, you will have to use the weapons, skills, and resources at your disposal to fight the Assassins. For the first time, you are a Templar.

Fleet Mission Rewards cheat for Assassin’s Creed: Rogue on Xbox 360

After Sequence 3, you will be able to send your fleet out on Fleet Missions. The Fleet Mission routes are randomized each time you open the screen, so leave the screen and try again if you don’t like your options. Fleet Missions give you the following rewards:

Barbados Mission – 889 and Admiral Lion’s Pistols
Belem – 1383 and Dead End
Brest – 1426 and Admiral Lion Wheel
Buenos Aires – 2725 and Relic of Pedro de Mendoza
Calcutta – 4646 and Kingdom of Mysore
Cap-Français – 618 and Engraving of François Mackandal
Carrickfergus – 1298 and Irish Flag
Cartagena – 1668 and Mediterranean Defense
Copenhagen – 1726 and 18th-Century Mariner’s Compass
Crete – 1074 and Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic
Florida – 371 and Spanish Conquistador Helmet
Gibraltar – 1514 and Spanish Sword
Goree Island – 1626 and A Door of No Return
Gothenburg – 1489 and Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger
Havana – 510 and Cuban Salvage
Isle de France – 3749 and Gilded French Sails
Java – 3767 and Javanese Gong
Lagos – 1392 and Statue of São Gonçalo
Le Havre – 1473 and Ruinous Reinette
Louisiana – 720 and Aveline Figurehead
Luanda – 2421 and Golden African Wheel
Malacca – 1942 and Admiral Outfit
Malta – 1278 and Hospitaller’s Plea
Manila – 4333 and Manila Galleons
Mombasa – 4229 and Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)
Mozambique – 3719 and Omani Arabs
Puducherry – 4438 and Mysorean Rocket
Rio de Janeiro – 2013 and British Lion Sails
Saint-Louis – 1538 and African Mask
Sardinia – 2356 and British Lion Figurehead
Savannah – 319 and Savannah Collectible
Stockholm – 1517 and Swedish Levant Company
Yanaon – 3399 and India Flintlock Pistols

Game Name: Assassin’s Creed: Rogue

Cheat Name: Fleet Mission Rewards

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