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Bungie Reveals New Halo 3 Achievements - Title Update 2

Luke Smith over at Bungie lays out some of the new achievements coming to Halo 3 when the next patch and Assembly map hits. Smith points out that the included list of achievements aren't all of the new ones coming with Title Update 2. [read more]

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Demo Screams Onto Xbox Live

We wanted to let you know that the Guitar Hero: Aerosmith demo has launched on Xbox 360 and PS3. Start to unleash your inner rock star, the Aerosmith way. The demo includes “Sweet Emotion” and “Dream On” and a few other tracks. [read more]

Max Payne Director John Moore Gives Dasgamer the Scoop

The MPAA, Hollywood’s governing body for film ratings, recently slapped the film adaptation of Max Payne with an R-rating and director John Moore (above) is a bit perturbed. The director sat down with Dasgamer.com in a recent interview. [read more]

EA Sports and ESPN Team-Up for Virtual Playbook

EA Sports and ESPN are advancing media convergence and delivering a new enhancement to in-studio sports analysis with the debut of the online interactive EA Sports Virtual Playbook, on ESPN’s award-winning NFL programs. [read more]

Sting and Tool to Make Video Game Debut in World Tour

Rock and roll legend Sting and progressive metal pioneers Tool are making their video game debuts, contributing more than just music, in Activision Publishing, Inc.’s Guitar Hero: World Tour. Hit the jump for the full musical press release. [read more]

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