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Army of Two Xbox 360 Cheats

Army of Two Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Army of Two
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Genre: Shooter

Army of Two is game based around a two-man soldier squad, revolving the game play around just two-man missions and two-man strategies. It takes military partnerships to the next level, proving that sometimes two heads are better than one. Your two–man unit on Xbox 360 will have ex-Army Rangers now functioning for a Private Military Corporation (PMC). The job that the gamers have is to form the deadliest Army of Two in the world by working around your friend. The companion you choose will have artificial intelligence or you can accompany an online player.

Cheat for Army of Two on Xbox 360: Panda Express Money Farming

cheat name:

Panda Express Money Farming

cheat: Try a new campaign in China. The first objective pays $30,000 and can be cycled quickly (about 3 minutes with co-op snipe). The checkpoint is back down the hill next to the hovercraft. Once you get the checkpoint (saves your money), quit and restart the stage. Tedious but effective. You only wish you could make $10,000 per minute.

To skip the pre-rendered cut-scene (and speed this up more), press BLUE (X).
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submited: Thu, 13th March 2008 06:40 AM

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