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Armored Core 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Armored Core 4
  • Game Description: Armored Core is THE mech game series that defines the mech genre. It's back on Xbox 360 with Armored Core 4 bringing you upgraded graphics, gameplay, story, settings, equipment and of course online playing! Armored Core 4 is the ultimate mech title on next generation platforms with the best visuals, sound and importantly gameplay.

Maximum Boost cheat for Armored Core 4 on Xbox 360

To get the most out of your boosters without wasting your Kojima particles just hold down the right tripper until your QB is just about to engage, then hold it all the way down. It should not only give you more power but also a longer 'flight' and a much deeper sound during the jet.

Game Name: Armored Core 4

Cheat Name: Maximum Boost

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