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Angry Birds Star Wars Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Game Description: Angry Birds comes to consoles and the Star Wars universe! From Tatooine to the deadly Pig Star, trust in the Force and become a Jedi Master to save the galaxy. But beware—Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs, and his Pigtroopers will oppose you every step of the way. Play cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, enjoy content exclusive to the console version, and unlock bonuses across 25 hours of gameplay.

Secret Achievements cheat for Angry Birds Star Wars on Xbox 360

Tatooine – All Stars - 30 gamerpoints - Tatooine: Three stars in all levels.
Death Star – All Stars - 30 gamerpoints - Death Star: Three stars in all levels.
Jettisoned Jetpacks - 15 gamerpoints - Collect all 5 Jetpacks.
Path of the Jedi – All Stars - 30 gamerpoints - Path of the Jedi: Three stars in all levels.
Star Bird Addict - 50 gamerpoints - Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours.
Hoth – All Stars - 30 gamerpoints - Hoth: Three stars in all levels.
There is no try - 20 gamerpoints - Play a multiplayer with a total of four people.
The circle is now complete - 30 gamerpoints - Complete the Exclusive Levels.
All too easy - 50 gamerpoints - Exclusive Levels: Three stars in all levels.
Thank the maker! - 15 gamerpoints - Unlock your first secret from the Extras menu.
Well, look at you! - 15 gamerpoints - Earn your first bonus score in a multiplayer match.
No more training do you require - 15 gamerpoints - Unlock 5 different bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
The Force is strong - 20 gamerpoints - Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode.
Impressive - 15 gamerpoints - Collect your first character sticker.
Most Impressive - 20 gamerpoints - Collect 10 character stickers.

Game Name: Angry Birds Star Wars

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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