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Amped 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Amped 3
  • Game Description: Amped 3, the Xbox 360 game is armed with much improved controls and a physics engine which is sure to present to the gamer a great and original experience of snowboarding as it is never just about the sport. Anybody who loves to ride the huge mountains and go ride the greatest winter resorts of the world will love Amped 3 and the gamer also gets to do all of this in style. Now you have snowmobiles for exploring and a new ParkBuilder and incredible customization with an excellent gameplay - all of which is supposed to make Amped 3 quite an experience.

All Sleds cheat for Amped 3 on Xbox 360

From the cheat codes menu under options, enter the following:
RT, X, LT, Down, Right, LB, LT, RT, Y, X

Game Name: Amped 3

Cheat Name: All Sleds

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