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Alan Wake Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Alan Wake
  • Game Description: Are you a fan of the uber-popular Max Payne psychological action game series? Then you'll love Alan Wake. This psychological thriller action game from Remedy, exclusively for the Xbox 360, you play the role of Alan Wake. You, as Wake, are a best-selling author of suspense novels choked by writer's block. After escaping the small town, you discover that your wife is missing, and the circumstances around her disappearance are suspicious, to say the least. This game is set in "perfect" Bright Falls, Washington, where you're immersed in a hyper-real, intense world where you have full reign to explore the environment. With plot twists and surprising character discoveries around every corner, you unravel the plot by interacting with other characters, solving problems, and fighting against some scary enemeies. Can you make it through this fantasy-meets-reality world?

Achievements cheat for Alan Wake on Xbox 360

Follow the Light – 10 Gamerpoints - You were enlighted by a dream.
Let there be Light – 10 Gamerpoints - You have restored power
Float like a Butterfly – 15 Gamerpoints - You avoid getting hit with style.
Nordic Walkin Gamerpoints - 10 Gamerpoints - Unlike Stucky, you enjoy incontestable health benefits. Namely, you’re not dead.
Bright Falls’ Finest – 20 Gamerpoints - You’ll finally managed to make that phone call.
Under a Thin Layer of Skin – 10 Gamerpoints - You disobyed the Park Ranger’s instruction.
Finder’s Keepers – 20 Gamerpoints - You have discovered five of the hidden chest
Back! Back! I Say! – 10 Gamerpoints - You bought yourself some breathing time with a flare.
Missed by a Mile – 25 Gamerpoints - You managed a slow-motion dodged 20 times.
Paging Mr. Wake – 20 Gamerpoints - You have discovered 25 manuscript pages.
Right of Way – 10 Gamerpoints - You have peeled 15 Taken off your bumpers.
Park Ranger – 15 Gamerpoints - You survived Elderwood National Park.
Damn Good Cup of Coffee – 20 Gamerpoints - You have found 25 Coffee Thermoses
They’re Heeere! – 20 Gamerpoints - You have destroyed 20 poltergiest objects
Heavy Metal – 10 Gamerpoints - You destroyed the bulldozer.
The Six Gun Scribe – 20 Gamerpoints - You capped 100 Taken with the Revolver.
Iron Horse- 10 Gamerpoints - You made the traine engine run out steam.
Wheels Within Wheels – 20 Gamerpoints - You found the kidnapper, but what he had to say wasn’t what you wanted to hear.
Boob Tube – 5 Gamerpoints - You checked out some important message.
Energized! -10 Gamerpoints - You changed batteries 100 times.
Thunder and Lightnin Gamerpoints - 20 Gamerpoints - 50 Taken have felt your fury. Also, your flashbangs.
Collateral Carnage – 20 Gamerpoints - 20 Taken have been drowned, electrocuted, or dispatched by some other inderect means.
Child of the Elder God - 10 Gamerpoints - You shone a light upon this night of otherworldly fiends.
Perchance to Dream – 20 Gamerpoints - Oh, so THAT’S what happened.
Medical Opinions - 10 Gamerpoints - Listen to Hartman’s Recordings.
Drink ‘Em Up – 10 Gamerpoints - Put de lime the coconut twice
Gatekeeper – 10 Gamerpoints - Cut the power to the transformer yard.
The Lady of the Light - 20 Gamerpoints - Discover the secret she guards.
Tornado Wrangler – 20 Gamerpoints - Defeat the tornado.
Departure – 40 Gamerpoints - Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
Hardboiled Water – 40 Gamerpoints - Complete the game on Hard difficulty.
Alan, Wake Up -50 Gamerpoints - Compelte the game on Nightmare difficulty.
If it Flies, It Burns – 20 Gamerpoints - Burn 1,000 Birds
Taken Season – 20 Gamerpoints - Defeat 50 Taken with the hunting rifle.
It’s Not Just a Typewriter Brand – 20 Gamerpoints - QWERTY? DVORAK? 50 Taken know it’s neither
What Light Through Yonder Window – 20 Gamerpoints - Defeat 50 Taken with the flaregun, the way Shakespeare intended.
Come On, Come All – 10 Gamerpoints - Kill four Taken with a single shot from the flaregun.
Sound and Fury – 10 Gamerpoints - Kill four Taken with a single flashbang.
Two for the Price of One - 10 Gamerpoints - Kill two Taken with a single shotgun blast.
Carny - 10 Gamerpoints - Knock over five can pyramids.
Meet the Deadline – 30 Gamerpoints - In “Mirror’s Peak”, make it from the Coalm Mine Museum to Cauldron Lake in 40 minutes.
An Idyllic Small Town – 30 Gamerpoints - Make it through the “Night Life in Bright Falls” in one go without dying or restarting even once.
Gunless Wonder – 30 Gamerpoints - Make it to Cauldren Lake without firing a single shot in, “On the Road to Cauldron Lake”
Every Nook and Cranny – 30 Gamerpoints - Discover all of the hidden chest.
Picking Up After Yourself - 30 Gamerpoints - Find all of the manuscript pages in Normal mode.
Collector’s Edition – 50 Gamerpoints - Find all the manuscript pages in the game, including the ones in Nightmare mode.
Hypercaffeinated – 30 Gamerpoints - Discover all coffee thermoses.
KBF-FM - 30 Gamerpoints - Listen to all of the radio shows.
Couch Potato – 30 Gamerpoints - Watch every single TV show.
Bright Falls Aficionado – 30 Gamerpoints - Absorb every bit of local history and culture.

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