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Air Conflicts: Vietnam Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Air Conflicts: Vietnam
  • Game Description: You are fighter pilot Joe Thompson. Are your piloting skills up to the deadly challenges that await you in the skies above the jungles of Vietnam? The landscapes, plane models, and exciting missions make this more than an average flight simulator, and the war will raise questions for Joe. For in every war, there are two sides.

Achievements cheat for Air Conflicts: Vietnam on Xbox 360

Vietnam Newbie - 70 gamerpoints - This is only the beginning!
The First Cut! - 40 gamerpoints - You shot down a MiG!
Bad experience - 80 gamerpoints - You were shot down in the Vietnam War!
Team Mate! - 50 gamerpoints - You have rescued one of your MIA pilots!
Vietnam Veteran - 80 gamerpoints - The Vietnam battlefield is your second home now!
Vietnam Survivor - 80 gamerpoints - You survived the Vietnam War!
Dogfight Ace - 120 gamerpoints - You proved your dogfighting dominance over other players!
Fleet Admiral - 80 gamerpoints - You reached with one of your pilot the highest rank possible!
Ship Sinker - 40 gamerpoints - Sunk 3 ships in campaign mode
Ace - 50 gamerpoints - You are one of the best pilots in the Vietnam War!
Multiplayer Ace - 40 gamerpoints - Performed 3 kills in row in MP
Good Show - 50 gamerpoints - Placed in top half in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Cracking Good Show - 60 gamerpoints - Placed first in multiplayer match with at least 6 players
Multiplayer Veteran - 60 gamerpoints - Played 15 multiplayer matches to the end
A6M Zero Warrior - 50 gamerpoints - You successfully salvaged the A6M Zero wreck.
F4U Corsair Warrior - 50 gamerpoints - You successfully salvaged the F4U Corsair wreck.

Game Name: Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Cheat Name: Achievements

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