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Adventure Time: Explore Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Adventure Time: Explore
  • Game Description: In this action game set in the Adventure Time world, it’s up to you to save the Land of Ooo. Princess Bubblegum needs the help of Jake and Finn to discover the dark secret behind the recent thefts and kidnapping. Could the monsters have found a way to escape the Secret Royal Dungeon? Stop their fiendish plot on your own, or join up to 3 other friends in cooperative multiplayer mode for even more fun.

Achievements cheat for Adventure Time: Explore on Xbox 360

Another Way - 15 gamerpoints - Perform a perfect block
Hot Deals in the Ice Kingdom - 15 gamerpoints - Purchase something from Choose Goose
Lady & Peebles - 15 gamerpoints - Upgrade Focus once
Memory of a Memory - 15 gamerpoints - Use a Special Attack
Mystery Dungeon - 15 gamerpoints - Survive a Dungeon segment - exit at Checkpoint)
One Last Job - 15 gamerpoints - Grab 50 treasures worth of Treasure in a Treasure Floor
Thank You - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the first Quest.
The Meaning of Bravery - 15 gamerpoints - Upgrade Thumps once
Vault of Bones - 15 gamerpoints - Survive a Monster Floor
What is Life? - 15 gamerpoints - Upgrade Imagination once
Who Would Win - 15 gamerpoints - Upgrade Rowdiness once
Fruit Salad Days - 20 gamerpoints - Eat every different Food item at least once
I Remember You - 20 gamerpoints - Upgrade a Sub-Weapon to a stronger Sub-Weapon
The Ultimate Party Dip - 20 gamerpoints - Pick up every type of Item
Daddy’s Little Monster - 30 gamerpoints - Max out Marceline’s stats
Finn the Human - 30 gamerpoints - Max out Finn’s stats
Jake the Dog - 30 gamerpoints - Max out Jake’s stats
The Other Tarts - 30 gamerpoints - Max out Cinnamon Bun’s stats
BMO Lost - 50 gamerpoints - Find all of BMO’s game cartridges

Game Name: Adventure Time: Explore

Cheat Name: Achievements

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